Who would have thought something so beautiful could come from something I had been sweeping up (many times) and throwing away! Love my furry boy and this will be a wonderful keepsake: a hug from him anytime I need it. He will be 13 in September and hopefully with us for a long time to come. I can’t thank you enough.      Diane (July 2015)

I got the pkg. it arrived just fine. Everything is so beautiful. I’m thrilled at how well you do the whole process.  You are the best.     Happy Holidays,  Marilyn (December 2011)

Harriet arrived!!!!  I am so amazed at the color and texture of her fur in the form of yarn; it’s beautiful!! You did a great job and I can’t wait to start my project.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.    Liz (May 2011)

Dear Betty: We received the scarves and hat: they are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for such beautiful work. It’s cold out here in California so I was able to use my scarf today…go figure, in March no less! I‘m so happy I have such a sweet tangible item that reminds me of my dear Penny.     Sincerely, Cindy (March 2011)

Hi Betty,     The yarn arrived Wednesday and I picked it up from my mom the same evening.  I was expecting a light beige-y white-ish color and I found a wonderful richly colored light brown with white accents.  I love how the varied shades in different places have so much more “character” than commercial yarn.  Most importantly, I have a wonderful keepsake for when my elderly Prince succumbs to the huge tumor inside of him (for now he is still doing just fine).     MANY THANKS, Vickie (February 2010)

Dear Betty,    The beautiful scarves arrived.  Thank you.  Thank you.  They are gorgeous.  What a lovely touch to add the thin black stripes down either side.     Our anniversary is next month.  I can’t wait to give my husband the gift of being able to wear the fur of his beloved boy around his neck.     With much appreciation, Caroline (January 2010)

Dear Betty,     I just received the package today. I cried when I saw it—- I cannot even express how happy and how grateful I am to you for creating the beautiful lace scarf.  It is more beautiful than I dreamed it would be.  It is magnificent!!!  I LOVE it!!  Thanks to you,  I will always have something so special from my beloved collie Romeo.  His softness and warmth will always be with me.     Thank you,  Betty,  for sharing your time and talent and for bringing such happiness to me and many others as well.     Thank you with all my heart,       Monica (October 2008)

“Thank you for the outstanding job you did spinning Mishka’s fur. You worked the lighter fur in just perfect to make a beautiful skein. At this point, it is just being displayed in a small basket. I’m not sure I will ever make anything from it, but it will always be a wonderful memento of my girl.” July, 2008

Betty, I have the yarn. It’s amazing …. I am longing to make it up.     Thank you so very much!  What fun.     Maureen (& Mollie!) December 2007

Hi, Betty,      The yarn has arrived. Thank you very much! I look forward to creating with it. I appreciate your service. You do terrific work. THANKS!     Best Regards,     Mary Lou

Hi Betty.     The scarf has arrived safely. I could not be more delighted! It is beautiful. It is a work of art. The way the colors blend and contrast is ingenious. I love the white specks sprinkled throughout the weave. How did you do it? I am very pleased!     Thank you for your work and your creative input.     With love and respect.     Wolfgang – April 20, 2007

The scarf you made is the perfect way to memorialize our pet. I thank you so much for the hard work you put into making other people’s lives happier.     Every cold day will now be warmer.     Aubrey Gossman – April 3, 2007

Betty,     I just received my yarn! It is so beautiful! I am so excited to start a project with it. And thank you so much for sending instructions on washing it. I truly appreciate all your hard, but beautiful work. What a way to keep my dog close at hand whenever she is no longer in our lives.     Best regards,   Micki (February 5, 2007)

I just received the scarves, they are so beautiful. I cannot believe how they came out. Again, thanks so much, now we can have something to remember our sammy by.     Margaret & Leo (December 2005)

My best friend of 17 years had just passed and I remembered that I had a plastic jar with some of her hair from past cuttings and grooming. I thought someday I would stuff a pillow with it, then someone told me that you could make yarn from groomed hair. The hair I had was short and somewhat dirty from years of sitting, and of course that dirty dog smell, but it was all I had left of my friend. I found Betty and told her my story, then sent her what looked like a large dirty fur ball. I did not expect much.

I could not believe my eyes when I received the most beautiful yarn I had ever seen. Betty had truly worked a miracle, and for that I will be grateful for the rest of my life. I am so glad I did not just stuff a pillow with it . Now I can look at a creation made from my beloved Cocker Spaniel’s hair. I will miss you forever Chelsea. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you Betty.     God Bless,     Gina Strickland

We just received the weaving piece you made and we are all delighted with it, you do beautiful work.  Bless you and your talent for making this beautiful piece possible, I wish there was some way you could have signed it.     It was insured for $200, but to us it is priceless.     Thank you again,     Will Stephen ( March 18, 2005)

The scarf and hat are absolutely beautiful.  My mother will be elated.  I appreciate your business ethics and your promptness with communication.    Have a wonderful holiday season!!!     Mary Ann  (12/21/04)

Dear Betty, The only words my mother had were tears of joy when she saw the scarf and hat made from Heidi’s hair!!!    Thanks again for making this a magical Christmas for my mother!!!     Sincerely, Mary Ann