The Process

Upon receiving your dog’s hair, I wash it and lay it out to dry on screens. I will separate the fiber and fluff it to facilitate the drying.

Next, I card the fiber. This aligns the fibers to prepare them for spinning. For large orders, I use a drum carder.

drum carder with dog hair

removing the dog hair fiber from the drum carderbox of carded dog hair ready to spin

The carded fiber is then spun into a yarn or “singles” which will be wound into balls and stored until all the fiber is spun.

single strand of dog hair yarn

I then spin a 2 ply yarn, this is done by taking 2 strands of yarn and spinning them together (this is called plying). When all the yarn is plied, I skein the yarn, wash it and set the twist. When dry, I weigh it. The finished yarn weight is how your fee is calculated.chow dog hair yarn spun into a 2 ply yarn