Price for Spinning Dog Hair

Beautiful handspun yarn that is made from the hair brushed off your dog creates a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Dog hair yarn can be woven, knit or crochet into garments, art, and keepsakes/mementos.

Dog hair yarn that is brushed off of the dog is $15 an ounce – finished weight (minimum fee $50). There will be an additional fee (up to $6 an ounce) for opening up compacted hair or if there is a need to handpick debris/foreign matter from the fiber. I will bill you when the process is finished for the cost of my service and shipping (insurance on the package for an additional fee is an option).

Please use my order form and contact me for shipping information.

If you would like me to create a piece for you after spinning the yarn:

Knit hat (does not include spinning fee) $30 and up

Scarves (does not include spinning fee) $50 – $200

Prices are subject to change